Carly | Fitnes Shoot

Let me start off by saying that Carly was an absolute trooper for even partaking in this shoot.  You see, she developed some severe leg pain while on stage, competing at the Pine Tree State event.  She had taken advantage of the show special and booked a shoot the following day.  She could have easily canceled the shoot but she showed up on time and explained what she thought to be a sciatic nerve issue.  She wasn’t very mobile at this point.  

We made due and basically confined the shoot to one small area of Impact Fitness Center, also trying to keep in mind what she was capable of under the circumstances.  

Once we wrapped up, Carly then went on to brunch and eventually made her way back down to CT.  In the meantime, her leg had swelled to 3x it’s normal size.  Well, it turns out that she had a severe blood clot going from her hip all the way down to her knee.  The entire length of the vein had been blocked and required two surgeries and two blood transfusions. 

After a month of recovery, I’m happy to report that she is doing well and finally starting to hit the gym once again.  Best of luck to you Carly!

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