Faulkner: OCB North Shore Natural Shoot

Photoshoots aren’t my thing he said.  The stage isn’t for me he said.  I don’t have much muscle he insisted.  Well, I can now report that Derek took home 2nd in the novice and 3rd in open for the men’s physique class at the OCB North Shore Natural event on Saturday.  

Nikki contacted me about doing a surprise shoot for her husband Derek as he prepared to take the stage for his first event ever.  She spoke with Scott over at Impact Fitness to see about having the shoot there and then we were able to nail down the time for the shoot to take place.  Surprises are always a crapshoot.  You just never know how the recipient is going to respond.  I for one am not a fan of being in front of the camera so chances are I’d have the same reaction that Derek had when he found out about the shoot.  Not being the showy or overly confident type, he was pretty apprehensive about doing the shoot.  Apparently, Nikki suggested that they cancel the shoot at one point but I’m glad that he decided to go with it in the end.  I think you’ll find that he did amazing for his first shoot and we already know he killed in at his first event.  I also suggested that we dome some couple shots since they both were competing at the event.  I’m glad that they were on board with the idea and I think they did great.

Last I heard, Derek was calling it quits after this one event saying it was just something on his bucket list.  I have a feeling he’ll have a change of heart though and find his way back to the stage at some point.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot last week.  Enjoy!