Passmore: Outdoor Fitness/Lifestyle shoot

I want to start with a disclaimer on Victorias behalf.  Prior to this shoot, she had taken a 3 week break from the gym due to injury and hadn’t done any prep at all for the shoot.  In her own words, she’s “a little fluffy here and out of shape”.  I tried to convince her that her idea of fluffy was better than what most people consider to be in shape but I’m not sure she bought it.  After seeing this post, I can only assume that you’ll concur with my belief.

When I say that she didn’t do any prep for this shoot, it’s no lie.  We started discussing the idea on a Monday and we did the shoot that Friday.  I mean, that’s barely enough time for her to figure out her outfits, let alone do any prep.  Am I right?  I think this proves two things here: 1- Victoria looks great, even in the off season and 2- You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life to do a shoot and come away with some great stuff.

Whenever I’m out fishing on the boat, I always end up picturing having a person on certain parts of the landscape and noticing locations that would be great for shooting.  On a recent trip with my 5yo daughter I was able to play closer attention to the landscape and decided that I wanted to make it happen.  The problem is I would need to find the right person who would be willing to spend some time out on the boat with a bunch of gear and be willing to head out into the great outdoors to traverse rock walls, walk in cold water, and swipe a spider or tic away if needed.  The first person that came to mind (ok, the only person) was Victoria.  Being heavy into the hunting, fishing and the outdoors in general I was hoping she was up for the task (I may have been wrong about the spiders).  As luck would have it, she was more than willing to work with me.  She was even able to enlist the help of her good friend Kelcey to come along and assist for the day.  Thanks so much Kelcey, you were a big help.

I’m a firm believer in doing the personal work that you actually want to get hired for and that is the case here.  All of the fitness stuff that I’ve done to date has been indoors and I wanted to switch things up to show what can be done in the outdoor realm.  If you like what you see, please keep me in mind for you next shoot!

A huge thank you to Victoria for putting aside any self doubt (and a hiking trip) and spending the day with me!