Practical Pyhsiques | Team Fitness Shoot

Competitive bodybuilding is seldom thought of as a team sport.  It’s generally you putting your best self on stage and trying to be better than the version that you brought to the stage previously.  Yes, there are other competitors that you want to destroy, but it’s really about overcoming your own demons and reaching your goals.  I’ve been covering the Pine Tree State event for several years now and I couldn’t name more than just a few ‘teams’.  This one team though, this newly formed assembly of athletes wanting nothing but the best, sought out this new kid on the block.  He goes by the name of Derek Faulkner and this is his team…Practical Physiques.    

Having spent a decent amount of time with these folks, I can tell you that the title of ‘team’ is very similar to what you would think of as any other team of athletes.  The comradery, friendships, brotherhood/sisterhood and sense of family is very evident.  

I first met Derek when I shot him as a surprise gift from his wife Nikki, while prepping for his first event. These two are some of the best people in the sport.  Since then, I’ve watched him evolve his passion for knowledge and growth regarding the coaching of these folks via his social channels.  It was clear to me that he was building something special.  Once the show season got into full swing, that something special resulted into pretty much taking every stage by storm, with an impressive number of awards.  More importantly though are the friendships and accomplishments that have been made along the way.   I was honored to be asked to participate in a team shoot a while back.  These are some of my favorites from that shoot, which took place over at Impact Fitness Center in Biddeford.  

Derek is very humble in his approach and will be the first to admit that he’s just along for the ride.  Truth is, whatever he’s doing, it’s working and working well.  Congrats to all of you on a very successful season! 

Derek teamed up with Heather Mowry to bring the team the best in posing coaching as an added bonus.

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